Shopkick Partners Rebrand 2019
Shopkick Partners, a business-facing division of Shopkick, needed an identity update that effectively communicates the key characteristics of our brand to potential retail partners; Polished, Authoritative, Approachable, and Modern.
It was imperative that the partner brand maintains a friendly yet professional persona, all the while showcasing the potential "moments of joy" that Shopkick has become known for.
The partner brand needed to compliment the visual identity of the consumer-facing division. Finding that balance was the key challenge of this project.
Partner Confetti 
While consumer branding often uses a “celebration confetti” element that utilizes random placement and large color ranges, the Partner Confetti is a related, but much more subdued variation of this distinctive element. 
The Partner Confetti element is based on a Venn diagram. The slightly opaque colors that overlap represent the vibrancy and vitality of our partnerships. It takes all components to come together to create something special.
At the same time, the design calls back the consumer “celebration confetti” brand with a sense of exuberant joy, while maintaining a professional, mature persona.
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